On the 6th of February 2023 SE Turkey and N Syria were devastated by a series of large earthquakes.  In fact, signals from these earthquakes were observed on seismic sensors all over the world including DAS systems as well as the seismometer at the MST Offices.

The plot shows signals recorded by a Focus Sensors Indus DAS system monitoring activity along a train line in the Midlands (UK). Using Motion Signal Technologies new Compression At The Edge (CATE) platform, 24 hours of continuous data from 45000 channels were compressed and uploaded from the field site for further analysis. MST and Focus Sensors are now making the data available for research and non-commercial use and the data can be easily accessed from MST’s cloud servers. If you are interested please get in touch.

According to Dr Ed Austin of Focus Sensors: “DAS systems have the ability to revolutionize many aspects of our modern lives, from monitoring transport infrastructure to the detection of intruders. However, their large dense sensor counts also can also provide valuable information for scientists to study seismic sources and the Earth’s structure. So we are happy to provide this dataset for the scientific community”. MST and Focus Sensors would also like to acknowledge Thales and Network Rail for allowing this data set to be made available.