Processing Software

Motion Signal Framework (MSF)

MSF consists of a C/C++ processing engine (for speed) fully accessible from Python (for flexibility). The suite contains more than 100,000 lines of code and 250+ individual processing modules. MSF modules handle tasks from project management, job control, data loading, synthetic generation, pre-processing and noise attenuation, source image construction, and analysis. Fully containerized, MSF is deployable and scalable to systems ranging from a single laptop to 1000’s of compute nodes.

MSF-Laboratory (MSF-Lab)

MSF-Lab combines the MSF functionality with a custom Jupyter environment to make an interactive web app for exploring data. Utilizing MSF modules together with existing in-house or open source solutions users create and document custom workflows. Benefits include:

  • Rapidly run processes, visualize and interpret results.
  • Run processes locally or on remote machines via a web browser.
  • Rapid innovation and in house deployment.

Bespoke Development

Do you require a custom solution? Motion Signal Technologies provides dedicated software development services, for companies seeking custom adaptations or independent software projects.