Products And Services

Powered by MST’s DAS-SQUASH® technology the CATE® platform compresses and transmits DAS data to the places where it can be analyzed most effectively. Features include:

  • Data compression factors of 5-50x
  • A compressed archive on-site storing months of data where only days were possible previously
  • Transmission of all or portions of the data to the cloud or office.
  • Data transmission over limited networks such as satellite or 4G
  • Input direct from the acquisition system or existing data files
  • Low power usage
  • Remote administration via a web browser
  • Remote data access via a web API

The Motion Signal Framework (MSF) consists of a C/C++ processing engine (for speed) fully accessible from Python (for flexibility). Designed for processing geophysical datasets the suite contains more than 200,000 lines of code and 400+ individual modules.

MSF modules handle tasks from project management, job control, data loading, synthetic generation, pre-processing, and noise attenuation, and analysis. Fully containerized, MSF is deployable and scalable to systems ranging from a Rasberry Pi to 1000’s of compute nodes.

Accessible via a web/ notebook environment, algorithms can be run locally or remotely and the result visualized, allowing rapid innovation and in-house deployment.

Specializing in the DAS data, MST offers a variety of processing services related to passive and active seismic. With our unique toolset, we can:

  • Handle difficult datasets (they are our specialty)
  • Handle large data volumes
  • Process finite strain in arbitrary fiber geometries
  • Apply custom noise attenuation technology
  • Process active source data (e.g. DAS-VSP):
    • Shot gather formation and processing
    • Interpretation
  • Process passive seismic data (e.g. Microseismic monitoring)
    • Event detection and location
    • Imaging algorithms and Moment Tensor analysis